STEM Digitalis in a rural school in Rethymno

STEM Digitalis in the 13th Conference of Science and Technology Education

STEM Digitalis at the “Researchers’ Night”

Workshop in a transnational project activity of the eramus+ project “Qualified Generations with STEAM Education”

STEM Digitalis workshop at ESERA 2023 conference in Cappadocia!

Science festival in greek rural region

Workshops on digital STEM teaching during a master course at the University of Western Macedonia

Science festival in Rethymno Old Town

4th Panhellenic Conference, “e-learning and Open Educational Resources”

Presentation about digital tools in STEM teaching in a meeting of erasmus+ project “CLIMADEMY”

STEM DIGITALIS at secondary students!

Annual Conference of the German Physical Society

3rd National conference of SCIENTIX for STEM education

4th National Young Researchers’ Conference of Science and Technology Education

International conference “Innovative Practices In Teaching And Learning For Building A Sustainable And Just Society”

12th Panhellenic Conference of Science in Pre-school Education

12th National Conference of Science and Technology Education

STEM DIGITALIS in NASRT Conference 2022

STEM DIGITALIS in the Didaktischer Arbeitskreis Schule-Universität in Physik

1st International Scientific Conference Education in the 21st Century: Contemporary challenges and concerns