The STEM-Digitalis Winterschool at Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) took place from 23.1 to 27.1.2023. Within the STEM-Digitalis project, it corresponds to the Joint Seminar in the partner country Germany. The subject of the Winterschool was the STEM-Digitalis Advanced Topic Interferometry developed by the Physics Education Group at LUH. Students were introduced into the topics and actively tested digital tools such as podcasts, interactive screen experiments and a virtual reality learning environment. In addition to the curriularly relevant Michelson interferometer other interferometers such as the Sagnac interferometer were also covered.

The Winterschool was embedded in the regular teaching for Bachelor’s and Master’s students with a teaching degree in physics (Gymnasium, comprehensive school and vocational school) in the winter term 2022/23. The partner countries Greece and Estonia were also involved in the Winter School (joint seminar). They each presented their advanced STEM topic and a range of digital tools.