STEM DIGITALIS in NASRT Conference 2022

The main theoretical frameworks used in STEM DIGITALIS were presented in the NARST 95th Annual International Conference—Unity and Inclusion for Global Scientific Literacy: Invite as a Community. Unite as a…

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University of Crete, Research Center for the Humanitites, the Social and Education Sciences

“STEM DIGITALIS” Crete Summer School

The “STEM DIGITALIS” Summer School was held in Rethymno, Crete, Greece from July 11th to July 15th, 2022. The lecture and workshop rooms were located at the University of Crete at the Research Center for…

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Greek Multiplier Event (E1)

One of the national multiplier events of STEM Digitalis has been held in Athens with researchers, teacher educators, teachers and university students from all around Greece in the context of…

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Online kick-off meeting of STEM Digitalis project

We are proud to announce the start of the new Erasmus+ project STEM DIGITALIS! STEM DIGITALIS focus is on the development of digital learning environments for prospective science teacher education…

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